About Us


I started playing with digital images about 19 years ago when I wanted to scan in all my parents slides that were never viewed. They had images of my Grandparents, my parents and myself and siblings as babies and children. I started out with very basic software and continued to update, doing courses along the way, to now using Adobe Photoshop 9 and Premiere Elements 10. Now Premiere Elements 13. I have started as a Registered Business 3 Years ago, and have 1 employee.

I gave copies to all my family, and my children are always going through them on their computers, uploading funny ones to face book and printing them out. Then I started on my VHS collection, some standard VHS tapes and my VHS Mini Digital tapes. My children get such a laugh out of watching them and so do my grandchildren. 

We have even sent some into Funniest Home Videos and got on to TV. We won $500, it  was great. You never know what you may have hidden in your tapes.   I've recently finished  doing all my mothers, some 200 tapes. For Christmas i copied all the vhs tapes of my family and nieces and nephews and gave them a disc of this is your life. Each child got a copy of the others too. They had great fun over Christmas looking at them.


The courses I have done are in digital image editing and digital video editing over a variety of software. 

Sam Loller